Chasapis Accounting




Accounting services and consultations

Subscription accounting service, including preparation and submission of VIES and Intrastat declarations

Payroll administration

Preparation of interim financial statements

Preparation of annual financial statements and annual tax returns

Preparation of specific financial statements

Tax consultations in connection with VAT and ZKPO

Audit services

Audit of standalone and consolidated financial statements
Commitments to review financial information

Legal services

Legal consultations and opinions
Registration and entry of commercial companies in the commercial register, including changes in their status
Drafting of contracts and legal opinion on them
Submission of annual financial statements to the Commercial Register and preparation of accompanying documents
Other legal matters

Labor - legal consultations

Consultations on the conclusion and termination of permanent and fixed-term employment contracts

Input and calculation in different working time modes

Preparation and administration of regulations for the internal work order, work book and work experience

Contracts for posted workers within the EU

Other issues related to the Labor Code;

Tax consultations in connection with VAT and ZKPO

Evaluation services

Expert assessments of:
Real Estate
Machinery and equipment
Commercial enterprises and receivables
Agricultural lands
Intangible assets

Insurance services

Assistance through an insurance agent to conclude any insurance contracts under the best possible market conditions